Information about WIPO Trademark Database Indonesia

The World Intellectual Property Organization which is also known as the WIPO was formed in 1967 with the aim “of encouraging creativity and introducing intellectual property protection worldwide.” Indonesia itself is a part of WIPO. There is a lot of information relating to the Indonesia brand in the WIPO trademark database Indonesia , we will take a look at them to see what’s in it.
There Are 40,700 Data of WIPO Trademark Database Indonesia

Only in the WIPO official site, there are already more than 40,000 data about Indonesia, starting from the year Indonesia has joined WIPO, information of the geography indication, the Directorate-General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia, the patents, even some easy-to-read news about Indonesia’ economy.

Based on WIPO, Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP in Billion US$) has reached 3,106.46 (last updated in 2018).

There is also information about the most productive companies in Indonesia applying the Madrid or PCT system. For example, for the PCT system top applicant itself, PT Hartono Istana Teknologi itself sits in the first place. While in the Madrid System, the top applicant is PT. Softex Indonesia.

The Publication Within the Last 5 Years of Indonesia in WIPO Official Site

At least, for the last 5 years, there are about more than 70 publications of Indonesia in WIPO’s official site. We will take a look to see what information can we gather from there

1. In 2016
In 2016 itself, there are about 9 publications about Indonesia in the official site. One of them is ‘Madrid Yearly Review in 2016’ that contains some comprehensive facts, figures, and also the analysis of the international registration of marks.

2. In 2017
In 2017, there are 17 publications in Indonesia. One of them is a book called “How to Make a Living in the Creative Industries’ which purposely to help people who are contemplating making a creative and cultural career. It also contains information on policymakers, business support agencies, etc.

3. In 2018
In 2018, there are only 16 publications related. One less than the previous year. The three of those 16 publications are ‘Patent Cooperation Treaty Yearly Review – 2018’, ‘Madrid Yearly Review in 2018’, and ‘Madrid Yearly Review in 2018 – Executive Summary’. The Executive Summary also provides the statistic through the year in summarization

4. In 2019
While in 2019, there is a publication of ‘Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) Report 2018’ in one of the 19 publications. It is an annual report which highlights key trends of the TISC program.

5. In 2020
The WIPO publication in 2020 contains more easy-to-read publications, one of them is ‘Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions and ‘WIPO IP Facts and Figure 2019’.

When this article was released, the statistic was updated last in March 2020. That means there might be a lot of augmentation of the data.


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